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Please note: Due to the extremely limited supply of helium and resulting price increase, we now offer the lower-priced option of providing the frilloon on framework which requires return of the structure it is built on to our store in Richfield within 3 business days of delivery. Alternatively, our staff can come to pick up the structure during normal business hours at an additional cost of $35 per order. Please select which options you prefer. 

  • Jewel Diamond Clear balloons also have the additional option of being filled with Confetti, for an up-charge of $10. Please select your preference using the 'Balloon Color' drop down menus. 
  • Please select your pick-up or delivery option.
  • Due to the fragile nature of balloons, Andon cannot be held responsible for the condition of your frilloon once they have left our care.

Your order includes:

  • Latex balloon
  • Tissue paper
  • Cording
  • 30-36” balloon
  • 96” long string
  • Fifteen 12” tassels

Requirements to complete order: 

Select structure option (select no structure for helium to make product available)

Schedule pickup/delivery option

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